One of the most important questions we get is "How much will a pole barn cost?" And we know how important a budget is. But the cost of building a pole barn doesn't need to deter you from moving forward. If you don't feel comfortable adding the pole barn to your budget now, you can look into our pole barn financing options OR follow these steps to create a budget for your pole barn down the road.

Before you dive into the pole building construction process, you want to get your finances in order. Budgeting for your pole barn project can feel overwhelming, but it is crucial to ensure that you stay on track and get the results you expect.

1. Setting the Stage: The Pole Barn Project Budget

The first and most important step in any construction project is to establish a clear budget. Discuss your budget with Yoder Barns at the beginning of the project. We can explain how your budget will dictate the size, scope, and materials for your pole barn construction. Start by determining how much you're willing to invest in your pole barn, and be realistic about what you can afford. And we will even help you to consider any unexpected costs that you may not have thought of on your own.

2. Assessing Your Needs and Wants

With your pole barn project budget in mind, you'll want to really balance your needs and wants. Don't fall into the "while we're at it" trap and wind-up with a building that costs too much as a result of unnecessary add-ons. Ask yourself, "What's the primary purpose of your pole barn?" Are you looking for a basic storage solution, or do you dream of a more elaborate workshop or living space? Your project's purpose will greatly influence your budget, as additional features and amenities will come at an extra cost.

3. Cost-Effective Planning

Once you've defined your project's purpose and set your budget, it's time to get down to planning. With our free quote process we will get a drawing of your proposed pole building, list the materials you'll need, as well as any special features or customizations. At Yoder Barns we pride ourselves in transparent pricing. You can easily see the break down in materials and labor and we're happy to explain how quality materials and Amish built construction will save you money in the long run.

4. Leave Room for Contingencies

Even with the most detailed budget, unexpected expenses can arise during construction. We recommend setting aside a portion of your pole barn project budget for contingencies. A good rule of thumb is to reserve around 10% of your budget for unforeseen costs. This will provide some breathing room if there's anything unexpected that comes up.

5. Stick to Your Plan

As you move forward with your pole barn project, it's vital to stick to your plan. Avoid the "while you're at it" temptation to make additions that weren't in the initial budget.

Budgeting for your pole barn project is the best way to start a successful and stress-free construction experience. By setting a clear budget, assessing your needs, and planning carefully, you'll be on your way to creating a pole barn that meets your requirements while staying within your financial means. Remember to revisit your pole barn project budget at each stage of the construction process to ensure you're on track. With careful planning and financial discipline, you can bring your pole barn dreams to life.

Yoder Barns Offers Pole Barn Financing

Lastly, of note is the pole barn financing options recommended by Yoder Barns. At Yoder Barns we understand that when your farm, family or storage needs grow, and you need a pole building, you may prefer to pay for the building over time, rather than all at once. That's why we found a 3rd party to recommend that specializes in financing your pole barn project. Go to our Pole Barn Financing page or contact us to take the first steps to creating or expanding your pole barn budget.


At Yoder Barns we always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We are proud of our Amish built pole barns, pole buildings and custom sheds. We believe the price is fair for such well built buildings with quality material and aim for 5 star reviews on each job. Please consider leaving us a review.

Budgeting for Your Pole Barn Project