Yoder Barns Represents Quality Amish Pole Barns Built for Generations

Pole barns are favored in the agricultural community for their versatility and cost effectiveness on the farm. With the ability to securely store agricultural equipment, machinery, hay and livestock a pole barn made built by Yoder Barns is a wise investment on your farm. Locally owned with all Amish crews, the Amish built pole barns built by Yoder Barns represent attention to detail and building techniques passed down for generations.

Amish Built Pole Barns

At Yoder Barns we design Amish built pole barns for your agricultural needs, space and budget. Locally owned and built with all Amish crews, we stand behind the best quality in custom pole barn construction.

Smaller pole barns can be ideal for equipment storage, hay storage and livestock housing. See our pole barn garage page for vehicle storage and non-agricultural uses of pole barns.

Medium and large pole barns are generally used for hay and machinery storage for bigger farms, horse barns and other livestock housing as well as large agricultural equipment storage.  The beauty about a pole built pole barn is that you can design the building to fit the needs of your farm or other uses.

Popularity of Amish-Built Pole Barns

Pole barns are popular for farms and agricultural uses because they go up faster, offer more open space and require less materials which will typically cost substantially less than similar building made from stick-built construction.

Each pole barn is custom designed and built by our Amish crews with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that has been passed down for generations. Some options to consider:

  • Doors: Garage Doors, Sliding Doors, Barn Doors and Man Doors
  • Exterior Walls: Steel Sides in 22 colors, Wainscot - metal or rock veneer, Vinyl Siding
  • Windows: How many and what type
  • Lean-to / Porch: Open, Closed, Wrap Around
  • Cupola, Weathervane, and much more

5 Year Workmanship Warranty on All Pole Buildings

All the materials used in your Yoder Barns pole barn come with generous manufacturer warranties - some up to 50 years. However, when you work with Yoder Barns you get an additional 5 year workmanship warranty to cover our construction.

Let Yoder Barns Design Your Pole Barn

Our philosophy is that if you can imagine your pole building - whether it's a pole barn, a pole garage or any post-frame agricultural or light commercial building, we can design and build it, custom to your needs.

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Yoder Barns continues to demonstrate expertise in pole building and shed construction. As a locally owned company with all Amish crews Yoder Barns delivers high quality construction backed by generations of building traditions within budget and time resources.

Pole Buildings

Despite the name, the pole buildings constructed by Yoder Barns aren't all barns.  Our Amish builders also construct pole buildings for other agricultural and light commercial needs.

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Pole Barns

At Yoder Barns we design a pole barn for your agricultural needs, space and budget. Locally owned and Amish built, we stand behind the best quality in custom pole barn construction. Call or visit for details.

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Pole Garages

With decades of experience building pole garages, our custom designed pole-built garages are the epitome of quality construction and versatility with more room for equipment and vehicles of all sizes.

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Custom Built Sheds

Custom Sheds

Our Amish-built storage sheds come with hundreds of choices - pool sheds, horse barns, tack barns, utility barn, mini-cabins, all with custom options including: dimensions, siding, door, window, porch, roof, floor options and more.

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