How to Know Which Amish shed style to choose

Each Amish shed style has its own pros and cons making it difficult to know exactly what you need, which is why its important to do your research. Some things to consider when making this decision include the intended use of the shed, the available space, visual appeal, the climate of your location. There are multiple components to think of are roof style and overall appearance. Among your options of roof styles are gable, gambrel, hip, shed, and skillion. Take a look at the descriptions of each to get a better idea of which one is for you.

Different Types of Amish Shed Styles

Amish sheds styles come with various roof types, each with its own unique characteristics and advantages. The choice of roof type for a shed depends on factors like climate, aesthetics, intended use, and local building codes. Here are some common shed styles and their attributes:

Simple Designs

  • A-Frame: This shed features a steep, triangular roof forming the letter "A", which is where it gets its name. One of the most classic designs, the A-Frame is known for its simplicity and space efficiency. These sheds are super versatile and are perfect for various storage needs.
  • Barn Shed: Inspired by traditional Amish barns, the barn shed features a gambrel roof with two sloping sides and a central ridge. This style provides extra overhead storage space and is a great option for storing larger items like tractors or supplies.
  • Dutch Barn: The Dutch barn is very similar to the barn shed, but is built with a more pronounced gambrel roof. Also known for its charming rustic feel, this beloved style is a wonderful choice for a garden shed or she shed.

Other Styles

  • Hip Roof Shed: Hip roof sheds, also known as hipped roof, is a style where all four sides slope down, creating a pyramidal shape. These sheds are known their stability and resistance to wind and heavy snow loads. Subsequently making them perfect for locations with variable weather conditions. Due to the sloping sides, water and snow effectively flow off the roof, reducing risks of leaks and structural issues.
  • Cottage Shed: The cottage shed has a much more decorative and charming appearance. Features like decorative trim, windows, flower boxes, and a quaint front door add a pleasing touch to your yard. It's a popular choice for those looking for a cute and cozy addition to their garden or outdoor space.
  • Quaker Shed: Also known as the Saltbox shed, the eye-catching quaker shed features a unique sloped roof. With a longer front side and shorter rear side, this design provides extra headroom in the front. As a result, its the perfect space for storage, a workshop, or even a small home office. No matter the use, it's guarantied to bring a welcoming charm to your property.

Ultimately, your choice of Amish shed style heavily depends on your intended use, amount of space you have, and your personal aesthetic.  However, when it comes to Amish built sheds, Yoder Barns shines as the premier option. With reliable Amish crews, Amish-built quality, transparent pricing, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Choose Yoder Barns, and you'll be making a decision that you will be happy with for generations to come.


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