Enhancing Your Curb Appeal Can Increase Your Property Value

By referencing these tips and incorporating your own creative ideas, you can transform your shed into a stunning focal point. We're confident that landscaping will add value and beauty to your property.

1. Start with a Clear Vision

Before you begin landscaping around your Yoder Barns shed, take some time to envision the look you want to achieve. Consider factors such as the shed's size, style, and color. It's even a good idea to come up with an overall theme for your landscaping. This will help you choose plants and features that complement your shed and create a beautiful outdoor space.

2. Choose Plants Wisely

Selecting the right plants is essential for creating an attractive landscape around your shed. Opt for low-maintenance varieties that thrive in our Ohio climate, such as evergreens or hydrangeas. Also consider perennial flowers and ground covers to add texture and color to the space, these will come back year after year. Planting native species, such as black eyed Susans or coneflowers, can also attract local wildlife and contribute to a more sustainable ecosystem.

3. Create Pathways and Borders

Define the space around your shed with pathways and borders. Use materials that complement your shed, such as gravel, stone, or brick, to create pathways that guide visitors to the shed's entrance. Borders can help define planting areas and add structure to your landscape design. A stone patio or brick fireplace will add charm and entertainment to your property.

4. Add Decorative Features

Enhance the visual appeal of your shed and its surroundings with decorative features. Consider adding outdoor lighting to highlight your shed at night or installing a trellis for climbing plants. Bird feeders, garden sculptures, and seating areas can also add personality and charm to the space. Investing in the areas around your shed are just as important as the shed itself!

5. Maintain Regularly

Once your landscaping is in place, be sure to maintain it regularly. Prune plants, remove weeds, and mulch as needed to keep your landscape looking its best. Regular maintenance will not only preserve the beauty of your landscape but also ensure the longevity of your custom Yoder Barns shed. Keeping your newly landscaped area well-manicured will solidify your curb appeal and property value.


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Enhance Curb Appeal: Landscaping Around Your Yoder Barns Shed