How does Energy Efficiency pertain to the construction of your Pole Barn?

Typically energy efficiency isn’t heavily considered when choosing between different types of construction for structures such as barns and sheds. However, with the pole construction method energy efficiency is built in. Not only does its benefits become apparent during construction, but also in the many years after construction while you enjoy your structure.

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Pole Construction

Pole barns, also known as pole buildings, are used for various purposes, such as agricultural storage, workshops, or even residential purposes. Energy efficiency is crucial when designing and constructing pole buildings to create a green and sustainable structure. Here’s several ways how it can be an asset to you:

During Construction:
  • Resource Efficiency: Due to the simplified construction process of pole buildings, you’ll using less materials, having minimal to no waste, using less machinery, and a much shorter construction time. All of which help you save time and money while also conserving energy and supporting the environment.
Post Construction:
  • Operational Costs: Because pole barns are so adaptable, it is easy to include simple measures to further increase the natural energy efficiency of the structure, such as incorporating the insulation type that best suits your needs. Pole barns are also designed with adequate natural ventilation, reducing the need for mechanical HVAC systems, while also making the space heat and cool at higher rates, overall reducing utilities and maintenance during the building’s lifetime.
  • Resale Value: As energy efficiency and sustainable building methods become more important and present in local codes and regulations, being ahead of the curve will greatly benefit you. Not only will resale value be higher due to pre-existing code compliance and little to no renovations being necessary, but also because operating costs and maintenance of the structure are significantly lower than other options.
  • Energy Security: Since pole barns are more energy efficient, they are also much more self sufficient than other buildings. They don’t rely as much on HVAC systems due to previously mentioned aspects, and they typically have much better natural lighting due to the large open spaces, reducing the necessity and quantity of artificial light sources. This is particularly beneficial in rural areas where energy infrastructure might be unreliable.

Ultimately, energy efficiency in pole barn construction is essential for financial savings, environmental responsibility, and building longevity. It aligns with both economic and ecological goals, making it a wise choice for building owners and the broader community. Choose Yoder Barns, and you’ll be making a decision that you will be happy with for generations to come.


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Energy Efficiency of Pole Buildings